Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 317 Working Hard

I subbed in E's class yesterday and caught him working hard on a poster for Social Studies.

Day 316 Silly at bedtime

I was just having a blast snapping away while the boys were goofing before bed.

Day 315 The dumping ground

This was all stuff that needed to go upstairs.

Day 314 The Black Hole that is my counter

I swear I clear off this counter just about everyday. Where does this stuff come from?

Day 313 Fun outdoors

I subbed in 1st grade today and they had kite day so we were all out flying kites on the playground.
After school we went to the park and S and his buddy decided the teeter totter was a good place to meditate...silly boys.

Day 312 Batter up!

Just some afterschool fun.

Day 311 Yoga anyone?

I tried this as my workout today. I'm not very flexible...LOL.

Day 310 Playing Webkinz

Nice picture huh?

Day 309 Taking a break

Boys were out in the driveway shooting hoops and S decided he needed a break.

Day 308 Do you have to take my picture?

Why yes, yes I do. It's my right as your parent to take as many pictures as I want.

Day 307 Family

My brother and his family came here this weekend to visit. My niece is a senior in highschool and one of our local schools is in her top 5 list. Fingers crossed that she gets accepted and decides to go to school here. So, here we have S, myself, my niece, my brother, my SIL, my nephew and E (dh took the picture so that's why he's not in it).

Day 306 Do I look as tired as I feel?

Today I subbed for one of our Art teachers...but all the specials teachers were helping with the Juvenile Diabetes walk. So, I walked with all the classes (K-6) and ended up walking a total of about 9 miles.

Day 305 Choir concert

The Senior Choir performed at school tonight. Here's E after the performance.

Day 304 Wrestling/tickling...???

Boys just want to have fun!

Day 303

Day 303 Whoa, that was cold!

The boys were chipping golf balls (whiffle balls) into the pool and while they were collecting them S apparently fell in. So, he figured since he as already soaked he'd go back in. Silly boy!

Day 302 So glad to see these prices

We usually buy gas at Wal-Mart because if you use a Wal-Mart card of a gift card you get .03 off the price per gallon.

Day 301 That's a lot of candy!

Most of the candy went with dh to work, but this is what was left. Dangerous stuff I tell you.

Day 300 Happy Halloween!

Darth Vader and Indiana Jones out trick or treating.

Day 299 In the morning

Reading the morning paper. This is how we found S one morning before breakfast.

Day 298 Carving pumpkins

This was the first year that the boys actually carved their pumpkins. E is the mummy on the left, mine is the vampire in the middle and S's is the ghost on the right.

Day 297 Not so welcome guest

Found this when we were getting the boys' backpacks ready in the morning. You should have seen S run...LOL...one of the things he's afraid of.

Day 296 Late night conference call

Dh was on a conference call tonight...the darn thing lasted until after 10:00pm.

Day 295 Quiet time before bed

The boys were watching tv in E's room before bed.

Day 294 Future firefighters

Boys decided they wanted to be firefighters today.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day 293 Lunch with the kids

On Fridays, I take lunch to school and eat with the boys and their classmates. Just a silly pic of E and I.

Day 292 Declining prices

Hooray for the gas prices going down. This is what it cost me to fill up my van today.

Day 291 Giant hamburger anyone?

We had a family fun night at Fuddruckers tonight so this giant blow up hamburger was out in the front of the school as a reminder.

Day 290 Athletic Complex

I went to a meeting today at a place I didn't even know existed. Apparently our school district has an althetic complex...here's the football field.

Day 289 I Voted

Dh and I took advantage of early voting. Now we'll just sit back and play the waiting game.

Day 288 Building

I built this cabinet and cube shelf (with S's help) for S's room.

Day 287 Colors of the backyard

Just some of the color from our backyard. That's my shadow in the photo.

Day 286 Pizza Night

Fridays are pizza night and tonight we had take n bakes.

Day 285 Art

I got a last minute call to sub in Art and this was the first thing I got to do while waiting for my students. The kids made these college penants and I got to decorate the bulletin board with them.

Day 284 Silly boy

E was being silly after his shower tonight. Underwear head!

Day 283 Subbing in PE today

I was so tired after subbing in PE today because I did the exercises along with the kids. I found muscles that hadn't been used in a while.

Day 282 Day off

The boys had no school today so while I was getting ready, they were rolling around on our bed while watching something on Tivo.

Day 281 My turn to brush the pool

This is what I get for doing a job I hate. The boys were in the water, dh was grilling dinner and I was brushing the pool. Guess I leaned a little too far forward and oops...in the pool I went. All the boys thought it was hysterical.

Day 280 Chillin before dinner

We were watching the end of Forrest Gump before heading out for dinner.

Day 279 Games

S concentrating on his move during a game of Mancala.

Day 278 Flying over the neighborhood

The boys were playing outside and ran in to tell me they knew what my picture of the day should be. This person was flying over the neighborhood.

Day 277 The Flyover

How would you like to be driving on a bridge (flyover) 100 ft. off the ground? I've driven on it a few times...it's high.

Day 276 6th grade reading

I subbed in a 6th grade reading class today at a local middle school. Quite a difference from subbing in the younger grades.

Day 275 Running Club

Every Monday after school the boys have running club. They have to run a certain number of laps and they earn plastic foot tokens each time they reach that number.

Day 274 The pool boy

Dh brushing the pool. I swear I hate this job.

Day 273 How many people does it take to change a lightbulb?

Well, one grown up and two boys of course. The boys were trying to help dh change a bulb in the eaves. The metal casing of the bulb got stuck up there and the glass part of the bulb came out so now we still have to get the metal part out. Does anyone have a 30 ft. ladder we can borrow?

Day 272 Power Outage

So we're eating dinner around 6pm when the power goes out. We hear sirens so we turn on our scanner to find out that a power box has caught fire. We go out to check it out (along with a bunch of other people we know from the neighborhood) and find that the main box for our section of the neighborhood caught fire. The fire chief (guy in the white t-shirt) lives behind us so he was out there trying to get things moving so that we get our power back (and he can watch the game) and we're told a few hours. Well, some areas got their power back around 9pm, but ours was out until 5am the next morning. Good thing we have a generator and were able to plug our fridge and freezer into that and run it for the night.