Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 317 Working Hard

I subbed in E's class yesterday and caught him working hard on a poster for Social Studies.

Day 316 Silly at bedtime

I was just having a blast snapping away while the boys were goofing before bed.

Day 315 The dumping ground

This was all stuff that needed to go upstairs.

Day 314 The Black Hole that is my counter

I swear I clear off this counter just about everyday. Where does this stuff come from?

Day 313 Fun outdoors

I subbed in 1st grade today and they had kite day so we were all out flying kites on the playground.
After school we went to the park and S and his buddy decided the teeter totter was a good place to meditate...silly boys.

Day 312 Batter up!

Just some afterschool fun.

Day 311 Yoga anyone?

I tried this as my workout today. I'm not very flexible...LOL.

Day 310 Playing Webkinz

Nice picture huh?

Day 309 Taking a break

Boys were out in the driveway shooting hoops and S decided he needed a break.

Day 308 Do you have to take my picture?

Why yes, yes I do. It's my right as your parent to take as many pictures as I want.

Day 307 Family

My brother and his family came here this weekend to visit. My niece is a senior in highschool and one of our local schools is in her top 5 list. Fingers crossed that she gets accepted and decides to go to school here. So, here we have S, myself, my niece, my brother, my SIL, my nephew and E (dh took the picture so that's why he's not in it).

Day 306 Do I look as tired as I feel?

Today I subbed for one of our Art teachers...but all the specials teachers were helping with the Juvenile Diabetes walk. So, I walked with all the classes (K-6) and ended up walking a total of about 9 miles.

Day 305 Choir concert

The Senior Choir performed at school tonight. Here's E after the performance.

Day 304 Wrestling/tickling...???

Boys just want to have fun!

Day 303

Day 303 Whoa, that was cold!

The boys were chipping golf balls (whiffle balls) into the pool and while they were collecting them S apparently fell in. So, he figured since he as already soaked he'd go back in. Silly boy!

Day 302 So glad to see these prices

We usually buy gas at Wal-Mart because if you use a Wal-Mart card of a gift card you get .03 off the price per gallon.

Day 301 That's a lot of candy!

Most of the candy went with dh to work, but this is what was left. Dangerous stuff I tell you.

Day 300 Happy Halloween!

Darth Vader and Indiana Jones out trick or treating.

Day 299 In the morning

Reading the morning paper. This is how we found S one morning before breakfast.

Day 298 Carving pumpkins

This was the first year that the boys actually carved their pumpkins. E is the mummy on the left, mine is the vampire in the middle and S's is the ghost on the right.

Day 297 Not so welcome guest

Found this when we were getting the boys' backpacks ready in the morning. You should have seen S run...LOL...one of the things he's afraid of.

Day 296 Late night conference call

Dh was on a conference call tonight...the darn thing lasted until after 10:00pm.

Day 295 Quiet time before bed

The boys were watching tv in E's room before bed.

Day 294 Future firefighters

Boys decided they wanted to be firefighters today.