Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 269 Wii Fit

I try to change up my workouts so that I'm not doing the same thing each day. Today was Wii Fit day and I did advanced step aerobics...along with a long distance run, hula hoop and boxing.

Day 268 A new school

I subbed for a kindergarten class today at a school other than the one my boys go to. It was kind of weird going to a new school and not knowing where anything was.

Day 267 Haircut day

Hair cut day for the boys. A quick buzz cut and they're good to go.

Day 266 Trying to be more green

In an effort to be more green, I have started using more plastic, reusable containers for lunches.

Day 265 Ohhh my aching feet!

I subbed all day today and was on my feet A LOT...whew my feet hurt.

Day 264 Just another sunrise

Another sunrise shot from the backyard.

Day 263 He Made It!

WOOHOO!!! E made the senior choir. Here he is checking the list for his name.

Day 262 A pilot program at school

In the interest of keeping students and staff safe on campus our school is piloting a "cellular free zone." No talking on cell phones while driving on school property...should be intersting.

Day 261 Bike ride

Just back from a bike ride...I'm tired now!

Day 260 Being artistic

Making and coloring paper airplanes...that were then flown all over the house.

Day 259 School sports have begun

A house in the neighborhood that got tp'd.

Day 258 After dinner dip

The boys just having some fun in the pool during an after dinner swim.

Day 257 Something is going down

Came home this morning to marked and unmarked police cars at the neighbors house. Freaked me out a bit.

Day 256 Visitor in the garage

Found this little critter in the garage (stuck to a glue board).

Day 255 Senior Choir

A sea of backpacks. It's time for senior choir (3rd-5th grade) and this was the pre-audition meeting.

Day 254 Sunrise

Early morning shot from my backyard facing East.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 253 This man cracks me up!

What possessed him to do this I'll never know, but it definitely made me LOL. My dh is a nutcase.

Day 252 Heading to bed

Boys wanted to wear their robes after they showered because dh wears his all the time (S is wearing one of dh's until the one I just ordered for him gets here). Silly S loves to be behind the camera, but put it in front of him and this is what I get.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 251 Just in case

With Hurrican Ike approaching we wanted to make sure we were prepared.

Day 250 Splish Splash

Goofy boy in the bath. He was sitting back with his mouth underwater when I went to grab my camera and then he posed like this.

Day 249 Getting caught up

I am trying to getting caught up with reading the magazines I have stashed in a basket. Some subscriptions I have cancelled, others I haven't renewed. Way too many magazines for one person I think. I'm keeping Family Circle, Family Fun, Readers Digest and All You.

Day 247 Back to the gym

I put my gym membership on hold for the summer because the boys don't like to go with me and I didn't want to try and go before dh went to work. But, I started back this week and it felt great. Just want to add that during the summer I did Wii Fit so I wasn't just sitting around watching soaps and eating bon bons.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 248 Backpacks

S came up with this idea for wayward backpacks. We put this wicker basket in an alcove between the dining room and the stairs and that's where backpacks are stored.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 246 Hot, Fresh Bagels

When we drove dh to the airport on Labor Day I promised the boys we'd stop for breakfast at the bagel shop because we woke them at an obnoxious hour on a no school day to drive him. So, I pull up at the bagel shop and don't you know they open later because it's Labor Day...crap. So, we went today for bagels instead.

Day 245 Gifts

Dh was on a business trip and here's what he brought us back. The boys collect city/state bears to they each got one from Madrid (the yellow ones) and one from New York with the Statue of Liberty on the front (the purple ones). I got a cool LeSport Sac purse. Dh brings us really cool things when he travels.

Day 244 Waiting

I took this of myself with my phone while I was waiting for my van to get washed.

Day 243 New Station

I found a new station on Sirius that I like...I must be getting old...easy listening.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 242 Shhhh...Can you hear that?

It's the sound of me typing...and the dryer running in the laundry room. See the boys are in bed (the oven clock shows what time I came downstairs from getting them tucked in for the night) and it's quiet now. Ahhh!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Day 241 A Day at the Park

Before the boys starting playing, I snapped this of them in one of the trees.
S at the top of the rock climbing wall.

Day 240 Dive on in

Taking advantage of the hot days we're still having. Spent some time just hanging at home, playing in the pool.

Day 239 Lovely Sight

Our lovely neighbors have had this cab parked in front of their house (sticking out into the street) for the past 4 days. Before that, it had a moving trailer attached to it and it was either in their driveway (along with at least 7 other vehicles in the driveway and behind their house) or on the street next to another neighbors' home. Guess they don't think the HOA rules or the city ordinances apply to them.